Comic book industry: the eternal confrontation between DC and Marvel
They made every effort to create their own and completely fantastic world. Both publishers have repeatedly changed their names and approaches to the audience in order to keep their attention.…

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10 black widow solo fan fan theories
With the release of Avengers: Finale and Spider-Man: Away from Home, the Infinity Saga and the third phase of the MCU have come to an end. Many of our favorite…

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Jeff Jackson, author of Destroy All Monsters, about literature that conveys the unbridled power of rock music
Have you ever thought that you are being deceived? So literary critic Johnny Rotten has signed his monthly column, The Great Rock and Roll Novel, for the London Review of…

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Comic Festival

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Web Manhwa. Why “Noodles” and what does it eat with?

Web comics are now at their peak and are growing in power. And I would like to tell you about the Web Manhwa, why in common people she is called Lapsha and what is definitely worth reading.
Web Manhwa. Why “Noodles” and what does it eat with?
What are web comics all about? These are works that are distributed, become known, through the Internet for reading on computers and phones. They are sooo rarely published in paper form, you can even count on the fingers. Of the most famous in Russia, one can recall “Simon’s Cat” (cartoon strip from YouTube), “Ice cream and sadness. Cyanide and happiness” (strip collection), “Horror Archive” (full story).

Web Manhwa. Why “Noodles” and what does it eat with? Web Manhwa. Why “Noodles” and what does it eat with?
Web Manhwa is the Internet comics from Korean authors, which are read, as they used to in Russia, from left to right. They represent an average of only three to four color pages, but have an unusually long format. That’s why it’s noodles)) Sometimes the translators or the authors themselves “cut” the web manhwa into pages for convenience or creating the desired effect, but you quickly get used to the length features. Unlike manga, I love the web manhwa for Continue reading

10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional

Death in comics has ceased to create the desired effect, in my opinion, a very long time ago. Only an inexperienced reader can take seriously the death of a hero – more “experienced” readers have lost this ability (unfortunately).
The ComicVine portal has published a list of deaths – real and fictional – of Captain America. I hasten to bring to you this very information for acquaintance, entertainment and reflection.

1. Avengers # 4 (1964) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional
Cap’s first “death” occurred in 1964, when the character joined the Avengers for the first time. Until that moment, Cap actually took part in the struggle against Russia and the Communists after the Second World War. He never died, just stopped appearing on the pages of comics.

However, in order to heighten the drama and create the image of a real American hero, his past was changed and a famous episode was added with an airplane explosion over the Atlantic Ocean and a long stay in the ice.

2. Captain America # 111 (1969) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional Continue reading

Almighty, the greatest and … helpless

Almighty comic book characters, whoever they are (aliens, mutants, wizards), this is a real headache for screenwriters. Year after year, decade after decade, you need to come up with stupid restrictions, put ridiculous excuses into their mouths and all so that these gods of their comic universes can easily cope with neither their problems nor the problems of their friends, and that, most importantly they never defeated Evil. Omnipotence, combined with helplessness, in certain actions of the character makes him so ridiculous that you wonder why he needs all this unlimited power?
A striking example of such a character is the most famous Marvel wizard, Doctor Strange. His first appearance in the 1963 Strange Tales comic strip he owes to screenwriter Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. Continue reading

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