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Harms, Zabolotsky, Sailor Moon: what new Russian comics are made of

Parallel Comics for a year of existence managed to conclude a contract with Marvel, publish several books about Spider-Man, Avengers and X-Men. This fall, the publishing house expanded its interests by launching the official rapper Oxxxymiron t-shirts based on the plots of his songs, and most recently a new book was presented – a collection of 12 independent alternative comics that brought together young Russian authors and artists. Most of them are very different from what we are used to understanding as a traditional graphic novel.

Maxim Chumin
co-founder of Parallel Comics
“We try to make an artifact from each of our books. The idea of ​​this project has tormented me since last July. At first I was looking for teams – artists and their co-authors. It was hard, because for most of them it was a debut, and for me it was a debut as a curator. I was imbued with every story, so the book was very personal. What unites them all is that they are sequential images of visual units, and each frame is a space for interpretation. Comics are a very vast art. I sometimes worry that a book will be difficult for an unprepared reader. But at the same time, it turned out to be so diverse that something should definitely like it. ”


“We did it with the Yekaterinburg designer Dasha Ovechkina using the ebru technique – this is water painting. A colorful spot made by hand in a cat tray. ”


“All stories are arranged in alphabetical order. The first is a comic strip by Sasha Pokhvalin and Misha Degtyarev: a brief sketch about Little Red Riding Hood in a post-apocalypse. We can say that this is the mainstream comic in the whole project, and it is with it that the book begins – this story is closest to our reader. If he likes him, then this gives a chance to other authors of the book. ”


“Vita Khan’s“ Two ”comic is based on materials left over from another non-received comic book – then the author and the artist worked without coordinating with each other. Its plot is hard to describe: it’s a homage to the Oberiuts – Harms, Zabolotsky and Oleinikov. For me, his narrative comes more from the way we made this story. ”


“Next comes my comic book insert – a text made from messages in which I fanatically tell what kind of comic book I want to make, but in the end I do not succeed. At first, a certain synopsis can be traced here, but gradually the text turns into a mess. The second part is a comic of links playing the role of frames. Some exist on their own, some refer to the films (“Fallen Angels” by Wong Kar Wai), threads in forums, etc. All this creates the feeling that you are an Internet stalker. ”


“This is the story of the Tyumen illustrator Vanya Tatarinov about three heroes who end up in jail. Because of her, the book is marked +18. There are practically no such impudent, hooligan and bile comics in Russia. This story grew out of the desire of Vanya to make someone very angry to sue him. ”


“The comic strip by Rita Popova (former chief editor of Look At Me – Ed. Ed.) And illustrator Andrei Smirny cannot be explained. This is a stream of consciousness dressed in the form of a wild and strange comic book. In one place, layout is intentionally flown away, in another you need to colorize the picture or connect the dots or take Rita through the maze. ”

“ク ソ”

“The comic strip by Katya Shilonosova and Zhenya Gorbunov (group“ GSH ”- Approx. Ed.) Is a homage to“ Gangster Petersburg ”in the style of Sailor Moon. He is wildly dynamic and I admire the storyboard. But at the same time, Katya does not like him – this often happens with artists and illustrators. ”


“The artist Dana Mykulinskaya collected the drawings and the script from non-working materials associated with the comic strip Two. These two comics, in fact, have one text, but the reader often does not even understand this. ”


“Our comic strip with Camila Mammadova is a direct adaptation of Harms’ story“ Communication ”. First, we made it in instagram format, and then converted it to a print version. On the instagram page, these frames are also animated. ”

“Fairy tale”

“The story of Natasha Naydenova and Ilya Grinberg about the village under the yoke of giant cats. There is no text at all, and you understand everything after several readings. ”


“Comic book by Gennady Boroday is the only superhero story in the book. She is very personal, and it is also difficult to explain in words. The hero has an abstract superpower and a friend – an ordinary person (the author associates himself with him). In the course of development, he develops envy for the superhero and discontent with himself. Then the full game begins. ”


“Sasha Baranovskaya, an illustrator from Omsk, made a cool childhood story that can be connected with my comic strip about stalking and obsession.”


“The story of Lesha Goncharov is the exploitation of the paths of the militants. In essence, this is a 10-page action scene torn from some kind of plot. The author does not devote the reader to who these heroes are and why everything happens. At the same time, the comic ends with a quote from the song “Paranoid” by Kanye West. ”

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