Incomplete atlas of fantastic maps
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Kelly Sue DeKonnick, the author of revolutionary comics, talks about the changes that have come to the world of graphic novels.
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Tobias Carroll on the Generating Power of Literary Adaptation
Since the advent of language, there is a form of its transmission. Comic book creators have long used literary sources for inspiration or direct retelling. We have come a long…

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10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional

Death in comics has ceased to create the desired effect, in my opinion, a very long time ago. Only an inexperienced reader can take seriously the death of a hero – more “experienced” readers have lost this ability (unfortunately).
The ComicVine portal has published a list of deaths – real and fictional – of Captain America. I hasten to bring to you this very information for acquaintance, entertainment and reflection.

1. Avengers # 4 (1964) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional
Cap’s first “death” occurred in 1964, when the character joined the Avengers for the first time. Until that moment, Cap actually took part in the struggle against Russia and the Communists after the Second World War. He never died, just stopped appearing on the pages of comics.

However, in order to heighten the drama and create the image of a real American hero, his past was changed and a famous episode was added with an airplane explosion over the Atlantic Ocean and a long stay in the ice.

2. Captain America # 111 (1969) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional
By 69, Cap had fought solo with the Avengers for almost 5 years. Since the enemies are not asleep, and everyone around knows his guise under the mask, Steve decides to change this. It turns out after he is shot and killed by Hydra agents in issue 111.

Rogers was supposed to meet with Fury in an amusement park – the best place for SHIELD secret meetings – but instead he falls into the Hydra trap! He is attacked by a Hydra robot, very accurately called the Killer of humans. Cap is trying to hide under water from the enemy, but the robot shoots him. Steve never pops up, so he is presumably considered dead.

However, the point is that he staged his death in order to divert public attention from Steve Rogers and to show everyone that Cap is not a person, but a symbol.

3. Avengers # 177 (1978) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional
Towards staging and rewriting history, this is Steve’s real death.
During the events of the Corvac Saga, the omnipotent Korvak travels the galaxy in search of knowledge that will help him become a super-powerful creature. Korvak begins a battle with the Avengers, because he fears that they will be able to take possession of certain cosmic forces first. Korvak kills all the Avengers, including Cap.

But do not worry – Korvak immediately revives all the heroes in order to show them that he is not a villain. Then the Moon Dragon erases their memory of this event. It’s cool to probably kill people, knowing that you can easily resurrect them.

4 & 5 Secret Wars # 11 and # 12 (1985) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional
7 years have passed since the last death of Cap, so it was quite appropriate to kill him again. And again, not only Cap dies – he takes with him his comrades-in-arms.

It all starts with a creature’s most powerful fanboy move called the Otherworld, which moves a group of heroes and villains to its planet in order to make them fight each other. After several battles and Spider-Man gaining a stylish black suit (he is so harmless, right?), All the heroes are sitting at the table at the moment when they are covered with an explosion.

And again, Captain America meets its fate. But don’t worry. They will return to life, however, at the very end of the series, Doctor Doom, having taken possession of the forces of the Otherworld, sprays Cap, but Klaw, in whose body the Otherworld has settled, brings him back to life. Purely technically, Cap dies twice, but we will count them for one death.

6. Infinity Gaunrlet # 4 (1991) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional
Another major event and another death of Captain America. Nevertheless, she was remembered not for the death of a mass of people and their subsequent resurrection. This time a universal threat. Thanos and the Glove of Infinity enter the scene.

The story here does not revolve around Cap or the Avengers. The central figure is Thanos, who wants to get as much power as possible. The glove of Infinity made him a god, and what do those who get almost unlimited power usually do? That’s right, they kill everyone right and left.

We can’t be 100% sure that Cap died here, but Thanos slammed him a crack, and then with the help of the Glove cleared the entire battlefield. But, as always, Cap returned to life again.

7. Punisher / Captain America: Blood & Glory # 2 (1992) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional
And another case of Steve staging his death. Only a year has passed since the last death, so during this three-part plot, Cap dies at the hands of the Punisher, who loves to shoot people.

In the same year that Superman died, Cap dies, again. However, the death of Rogers occurred before the mess with Doomsday. In the first issue, The Punisher shoots Cap while under the influence of someone.

In the second issue, Rogers is taken to intensive care, but there he asks Fury to declare him dead. Then there is a magnificent funeral and tears, but do not worry!

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