News of film adaptations in bulk
The script by Matthew Michael Carnahan on the bestselling book by Christopher MacDougle “Born to Run” (Born to Run) attracted Matthew McConaughey. The actor is in talks with producers about…

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The World "Zhui": Alexander Ilyin about a detective comic book lined up around food
In Russian, the second volume of the comic strip series “Rui” was released - a gloomy fantasy about a detective who can see his past by a bitten apple. However,…

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Difficulties in illustrating Anne Frank's diary
After living a year and a half locked up in her father’s office building, 14-year-old Anna Frank writes in her diary that she wants to be an ordinary teenager and…

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Almighty, the greatest and … helpless

Almighty comic book characters, whoever they are (aliens, mutants, wizards), this is a real headache for screenwriters. Year after year, decade after decade, you need to come up with stupid restrictions, put ridiculous excuses into their mouths and all so that these gods of their comic universes can easily cope with neither their problems nor the problems of their friends, and that, most importantly they never defeated Evil. Omnipotence, combined with helplessness, in certain actions of the character makes him so ridiculous that you wonder why he needs all this unlimited power?
A striking example of such a character is the most famous Marvel wizard, Doctor Strange. His first appearance in the 1963 Strange Tales comic strip he owes to screenwriter Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. At the beginning of his biography, Stefan Strange was a talented surgeon with not the best character. One day, pretty drunk, he took his pregnant wife home and crashed the car. His wife died, and he injured his hands and became unable to conduct operations. In an attempt to heal himself, Strange traveled the world until he met a man named Elder in Tibet. He showed Stefan a new path, after which the hero began to study magic and, in the end, gained the title of Earth’s Greatest Wizard.

Almighty, the greatest and … helpless
For 51 years, Dr. Strange has been helping other heroes fight evil, but it seems that even more often he refuses or cannot help them. Here are a few examples of the Doctor’s actions, because of which it becomes unclear why the Greatest Wizard of the Earth has power, which he still does not use.

4. Let the bad memories remain

The events of the 2005 crossover, known in Russia under the name “Day M”, told how the Scarlet Witch created the alternative universe by the power of thought and resettled all superheroes there, simultaneously changing their biographies. For example, in this new wondrous world, Peter Parker, dressed as Spider-Man, did not kill his girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Young people are married and have a wonderful son.

If someone forgot, then in 1973, as part of the series “The Amazing Spider-Man”, the story arch “The Night When Gwen Stacy Died” was released. The Green Goblin kidnapped Peter Parker’s first lover and threw him off the bridge. Spider-Man managed to hook the girl with a cobweb before she crashed, but due to sudden braking in the air, Gwen broke her neck and died instantly.

In “Day M”, thanks to the mysterious girl Laila, superheroes recall the real universe and destroy the artificial one. Most of the heroes forgot the life that the Scarlet Witch gave them, but Peter and few others remembered her. In front of the Avengers, the weeping Parker asks Strange to erase these memories. To which the wizard replies: “Magic has a different purpose.”

Almighty, the greatest and … helpless
Indeed, why take away from a guy who met a new, pure love memories of the world and life, which, as it were, were not there, where he was happy with his beloved woman, whom he had himself accidentally killed. Better they stay inside him: burn the heart and mind to tears. Let it suffer. Strange – you are a villain.

3. “Yes” to the war!

In 2006, screenwriter Mark Millar divided the superhero community into legal and illegal representatives in the Civil War series.

The story began with the Stamford tragedy, when hundreds of innocent children died due to inept actions of a group of superheroes. The government, under public pressure, passed the “Superhero Registration Act,” and those who did not want to reveal their identity to the people and work for Uncle Sam were automatically declared criminals.

For some particularly serious superheroes, the government was ready to offer special conditions for cooperation. Dr. Strange also fell into this category. But the idea that superheroes would fight each other was so disgusting to the wizard that he went to the North Pole to pray for the early end of their civil war. When the Observer came to the Doctor and asked why he would not end the confrontation, because he could do it with one thought, the wizard explained that since this is a war without right and wrong, and we are talking about the evolution of the role of superheroes in society, then he should not influence course of events. Thus, as if hinting that he does not consider himself a superhero.

Almighty, the greatest and … helpless
Of course, being Strange on one of the parties to the conflict would be a clear imbalance of forces, but excluding the character with the motive “this is not my confrontation and I’m not a superhero in general, so kill each other without me while I mentally ask the air to end the war” Mark Millar clearly not finalized the script. That is exactly why Stefan should use his own power to solve a difficult conflict, when you can sit on your ass away from the war zone. Strange in the series not only turned his back on the main events, he did not even try to prevent the conflict, except by expressing, merely expressing his dissatisfaction with the “Registration Act”.

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