The World "Zhui": Alexander Ilyin about a detective comic book lined up around food
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Body of work: how a graphic novel became an outlet for the release of female shame
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Special nomination "The Best Graphic Novels"
As part of the 2016 Readers' Choice Award, we present you our Special Opportunity project. This is a series of book reviews that have received particular attention this year. In…

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10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional

Death in comics has ceased to create the desired effect, in my opinion, a very long time ago. Only an inexperienced reader can take seriously the death of a hero – more “experienced” readers have lost this ability (unfortunately).
The ComicVine portal has published a list of deaths – real and fictional – of Captain America. I hasten to bring to you this very information for acquaintance, entertainment and reflection.

1. Avengers # 4 (1964) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional
Cap’s first “death” occurred in 1964, when the character joined the Avengers for the first time. Until that moment, Cap actually took part in the struggle against Russia and the Communists after the Second World War. He never died, just stopped appearing on the pages of comics.

However, in order to heighten the drama and create the image of a real American hero, his past was changed and a famous episode was added with an airplane explosion over the Atlantic Ocean and a long stay in the ice.

2. Captain America # 111 (1969) 10 deaths of Captain America, real and fictional Continue reading

Comics in which superheroes were dying is unthinkable simply for their world

High sales of any comic book series will guarantee that the publisher will continue to print these thin magazines until demand falls. This can go on for months, years, or decades for the coolest series. The love of fans, as a rule, knows no bounds and requires that she be fed monthly with new adventures of a super guy (damsel) or a super team in tight tights. The longer the story goes on, the greater the headache for the scriptwriters, who are forced to think over the years how the hero defeats the army of his enemies again and again, although, it would seem, this time for the thousandth time he definitely had no chance. Sooner or later, absurd accidents and divine interventions become the cause of victories. And after thousands of pages, we begin to firmly believe that the hero is immortal. But at the moment when the popularity of the comic strip falls, and the publisher wants to cash in on the superhero for the last time, the scriptwriter gets the opportunity to kill the hero. More often, a character may be allowed to die in an alternate world. And then we see how easy it is, in fact, to kill him when it is allowed.
Below are three Marvel stories in which superheroes died too easily for the comic book world.

3. “Wolverine: Old Man Logan” Continue reading


Everyone was looking forward to this meeting in the Sakharov Center. In France, today is one of the most coherent systems for publishing comics. Rarely is there an opportunity to learn about it first hand. But the conversation exceeded all expectations. Laurent Galmo has a great deal of editorial experience behind him. He edited magazines, issued a ticket to the life of many albums … Technical education allows Galmo to freely operate with numbers and statistics. Needless to say, the amount of information gathered left everyone with a slight shock. Now, finally, a printed version has also appeared, for which a tremendous human thanks to Andrei and Natasha Snegirev, who saved all the performance on the recorder. Anyway: they helped out like that!

The highly specialized focus of the conversation with domestic comicsmakers made communication through the Continue reading

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